Friday, 11 December 2009

A very dear ear, indeed.

I think about the beautiful owner of this ear, day in, day out.

If only it were closer, for a little nibble.

But it is a very ambitious ear. An ear that must travel, and be free.

An ear that must listen to the best pastry chefs, to help his hands make the tastiest treats by recipe and then by heart.

I wonder, what do you think? Does this look like an ear worth waiting for?

This is me, Sally Spoon.

I live in Spain.

And I don't really like anyone here.

So I thought I'd spend some time doing this instead.


First things first.

I like coffee and I own a lot of cardigans.

I have lots of ideas, but a problem putting them into effect.

Lazy? Probably.

Bored? Definitely.

I suppose, if I ever get around to posting regularly, I might figure a few things out.

I would like an answer to everything please, if it is not too much trouble.