Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I'm back.

And it's all over.

Just me and the Kings of Convenience again.

A lonely room.

Social hibernation.

Rapidly fading memories of cosy coffee dates with friends and family.

In exchange for THIS.

Don't get me wrong, I don't completely hate it here, but when it is so starkly contrasted with the recent
memories of my lovely homeland it just all seems a bit... bleak.

I moved here to be closer to the Ear, but he's now on the other side of the country. It's not easy letting
go of the ones you love, when all you want is to be close to them. However, he needs to grow and flourish
and who am I to stand in the way? I am only responsible for myself and have to make my own happiness.

Speaking of the Ear, I'm off to see him this weekend. 142 Euros, a 14 hour round trip and a 6am start
for one day's worth of quality time.

Thank god he's paying for it.

So how was my Christmas, you ask?

Well, after excessive eating I am happy to declare that the flaps are fully flourishing again and resemble two
big, bountiful melons. It was lovely to see the family and the friends... Oh, and one of the cats now weighs in
at an astonshing 10kgs...

There is nothing quite like being surrounded by everyone you love.

And good food.

I shall miss the food. Now I am back to the chicken diet.

That's all I seem to eat here.



The melons are aching at the thought.

Not in a good way.

Ooh and while I am here, may I just throw a little pickle into the mix?

I have been offered an exceptionally delightful bedroom in a flat that I fantasise about.

The top floor. Huge balconies overlooking the mountains and with stunning sunsets. A cleaner.
Warm colours. Friends.

All for more than twice the price of tiny room next to loud traffic lights and fire station with housemates that
like to interfer in my life more than I desire them to.

But the money... the money... what do I do???

The one plan in my exciting life here is to accumulate as much money as possible... so looks like I'm stuck with
my housemate who I often suspect is stalking my every move via facebook or spends hours devising ways to piss me

Por ejemplo...

I walk in the front door.

He pops out of his room like a jack in the box (I think he has been waiting, fingers on handle) demanding to know

where I have been.

'My mother has been waiting to meet you, and you weren't here, where have you been? She had to go. She was very...
very... emotional'

Now, I certainly wouldn't mind if I had been informed of her visit but, as it turns out, I had just finished
work and been to the supermarket. CRIMINAL.

So then he sighs and says 'I go to my room now to call people about the internet. I am suffering for YOU.'
and skulks off with the pout of a fat child.

Suffering for me? The internet is down so I have my laptop perched between the ledge of my double windows
trying to receive a signal from the art college.

And my fingers are freezing off.

I promise next time I write it will be about happiness, small bunnies and joy.


Mi hermana y gato