Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ten things that make me happy

1. Music! Joni Mitchell/The Kings of Convenience/Fionn Regan/Florence/Madge/The Fairport Convention etc will always sort me out.

2. Danish companies like Noa Noa, Miss Etoile and Lisbeth Dahl because they totally press my colour/fabric/ephemera buttons.

3. The Ear and his daily 9:30am morning text. It always wakes me up and makes me smile. His grumpy face also totally delights me.

4. My Family. My lovely Daddy who takes me for coffee and regails the contents of his New Scientist magazine to me in great detail.

Woman, who pesters me on a regular basis about the goldfish/snails 'The snail hasn't moved all day, what do you think I should do? Sally? SAAALLLLYYY?'...

Pie, who smells funny and annoys the hell out of me but is silly and cosy and makes me smile.

Boy, who doesn't have much to do with us but whose humour is sharp and he has deligtful moments where he is actually
quite affectionate and the most fun!

Marley, who won't talk to you when he passes you by but if you catch him half asleep he will roll onto his back and allow you to give him a full body massage before he throws you a disgusted look and faffs off...

and Bubba who is just the kindest, sofest, most wise cat that e'er lived.

5. Food! Especially smoked salmon, afternoon tea and cake, humous and kettle chips and guacamole!!

6. Maria and Alex in my First Certificate Class (mainly because I had to add something Spanish here, and because Maria made me a FIT brooch and they are the only two students that I believe actually really like me... we often exchange silly presents or emails.) I am also totally in love with my daily PET class who are
pretty shit at English but have so much enthusiasum and kindess. A few of my nine year olds are also so so cute and think that I speak Spanish even though I assure them repeatedly that I don't.

They still rant off on one for ten minutes and I have to nod and say 'Wow! Really?'.

7. Friends (Bobbie and Vicki, my true loves)

8. Buying delightful objects from ebay, etsy, car boot fairs...

9. Candy Corn- I could eat that shit all day, seriously.

10. Nostalgia- aaaah, good old memories. Pictures, letters, little ornaments, smells, tastes...
I love the past... Good or bad, it either fills me with immense warmth or with bittersweet laughter at the memory of behaving like a royal twatface.