Saturday, 29 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

An English day in May

This image makes me miss England.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

My Own 'Little Known Lovelies'

Ok, so I'm probably about to commit serious bloguera crime but I have been pretty cheesed off all day.

What the fudge is wrong with people?

Basically, on a well-known blog elsewhere there was a competition to allow unknown blogs to post commentary and hopefully be selected as an 'up and coming piece of inspiring beauty'.

The winners?


Just another whole bunch of girly girls writing about how inspiring a pretty picture they found of a vintage tutu is. Is anyone else completely sick and tired of reading about how the colour yellow brightened up someone's soul? Or people who simply take pictures off FLICKR and write a small comment about how wonderful and magical they are?

I'm not saying that I should have won. HEAVENS! I'm a lazy blogger with not a lot to say at the moment but at least I take my own pictures and refrain from writing tedious things about fairy dust and magical stars/inspiring cups of tea.

The kind of people that should be recognised are people who create their own pictures, prose, handmade items or delicious dishes.

So here is my shortlist for best, upcoming blogs that actually have some kind of character: (I think this one is private though) (A lovely, different blog by a lovely lady) (This lady is not up and coming. She has already mastered blog land but she is sweet, kind and honest) (Handy and helpful craft advice!) (this girl is SO very nice) (Amazingly witty and well-written) (My sister and dreamboat) (This girl is better than sliced bread)